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Get notified when your code finishes/crashes with one line of code

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$ pip install FuncNotify


"""Add more as projects grow!"""
from FuncNotify import time_func, time_text, time_slack

@time_func(NotifyMethod="Text", use_env=True, env_path".env", update_env=True, phone="8001234567")
def wait_func():
    """This function will use the text method and pull env varaibles from
    `.env`, it will update the already determined env variables too!"""

def wait_func2():
    """All parameters are optional and each method has a personal decorator, even the 
    function call is optional see below"""

def wait_func3():
    """Auto pull from `.env` is enabled by default with Method specific time decorators"""

@time_func(multi_target=[{...}, {...}], multi_env=["1.env", "2.env"])
def wait_func4():
    """Send to multiple sources either through specifying multiple dictionaries of kwargs
    or multiple .env paths, or both in pairs!"""

custom_message("HELLO WORLD", NotifyMethod="Text", multi_target=[{...}, {...}], multi_env=["1.env", "2.env"])
"""Custom messaging is here, pass the same arguments in as time_func and you 
can mass send messages in many methods"""

if __name__ == "__main__":
    """You don't even need to use the timer as a decorator, use it as a normal function
    This is how we do testing 😊 """
    time_func(function=wait_func5)(*func5_args, **func5_kwargs)

CLI arguments:

$ FuncNotify [command here] --kwargs NotifyMethod=Text phone=8001234567

$ FuncNotify go run main.go --kwargs NotifyMethod=Email multi_env=1.env multi_env=2.env

$ FuncNotify sleep 5 --kwargs NotifyMethod=Text multi_target="[{'NotifyMethod': 'Print', 'verbose': True}, {'phone': '8001234567'}]"

Anything after --kwargs with an equal sign will automatically be parsesd as a key word argument for FuncNotify. The remainder without = will be executed. Wrap lists, dicts, and tuples in " so they get read properly. This allows you to time any script.


$ pip install FuncNotify

$ FuncNotify sleep 5 --kwargs NotifyMethod=Print

To expand, create a .env file and a twilio account according to these instructions (it's free!). Instead of hard coding variables or exporting them to your env, just put them in the twilio alerts section of your .env, skip installing twilio as it's already installed. Then try:

$ FuncNotify sleep 5 --kwargs NotifyMethod=Text


Click above for instructions on how to contribute

Supported Methods:

Console Print
Email Twilio
Email Yagmail
Microsoft Teams

Create following .env in CWD

Expand source code
.. include:: ../ 
""" # For pdoc3

from os.path import dirname, basename, isfile, join
import glob
import importlib

module_list = glob.glob(join(dirname(__file__), "*"))
MODULES = [basename(f)[:-3] for f in module_list if isfile(f)]

def _import_all(modules: list):
    """Dynamic import of a module, similar to `from package import *` but specifically for this package

        modules (list[str]): A file name in `FuncNotify` directory/package
    for mod in modules:
            module = importlib.import_module(f'FuncNotify.{mod}') 
            globals().update({k: v for (k, v) in module.__dict__.items() if not k.startswith('_')})
        except Exception as ex:
            print(f"Unable to import {mod} due to the following error\n " \
                  f"[ERROR] Exception: {ex}")


from FuncNotify.NotifyDecorators import *
from FuncNotify.NotifyMethods import *

import pkg_resources  # part of setuptools
__version__ = pkg_resources.require("FuncNotify")[0].version

__pdoc__={'FuncNotify.__main__': True}
"""Used only for pdoc documentation to inclue main for CLI documentation"""



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